2020 FILM "A solitary bike-journey in times of COVID-19", 2020, Independent, Ca. 33 min., 16:9, Color, Stereo, MPEG4. 

"Masterfully, almost imperceptibly Sandoval constitutes the metaphorical dimension of the journey, the transcendentalism of taking off on the road. He is biking because COVID is destroying everywhere. It is an existential pilgrimage from which we can absolutely grasp something significant about our life." Zsolt Sőrés

In Spanish with English subtitles Youtube (200 views, 2022)



FILM, "Perchtenlauf", Austria, 2016. Grazer Kunstverein (producer). Ca. 14 min, 4:3, Color, Stereo, MPEG4. A short documentary about a traditional cosmic-driven procession in a small town in Austria. Featuring the people of Klotzenberg, Austria.

The video was a consequence of the exhibition-performance "Viertel nach Schatten", produced by the Grazer Kunsverein.


Camera, sound, production and edition

In German / no subtitles

Youtube (36K views, 2021)





FILM, "Ursula: the art of Dying", Featuring Ursula Kleinhenz. DHMD-Dresden, 16:9, Color, Stereo, Ca 30 Min. An independent documentary about the last days of my friend Ursula Kleinhenz, who die of breast-Cancer in Berlin, in 2012. Featuring Ursula Kleinhenz.


Camera, sound, production and edition


In German, no subtitles

Youtube (66,6K views, 2022)

2011 SORTFILM, "Hidden 2", Featuring Charlotte Grude, Berlin, Museum of the Seam, Jerusalem, 16:9, Color, Stereo Ca. 5 min. A short fiction on identities and outfits in conflicting geopolitics. Performance by Charlote Grude.

Camera, sound, production and edition

Youtube (3K views, 2021)


2010 SHORTFILM, "Hidden 1", Featuring Sofía Torre. Mexico-Berlin, 16:9, Color, Ca. 4 Min.  A fictional "Muslim" strep-tease. On the hidden powers of a hidden body. Featuring Sofia Torre.

Camera, sound, production and edition

Youtube (0.5K Views, 2021)

2003 SHORTFILM, "Dona Soco, her mother and the chicken", Creative non-fiction, 2003, 4:3, Color, Ca 16 min.  Museo Universitario de Arte Contemporaneo A portrait of Doña Soco and her mother, Mexican women living between Mexico and Cuernavaca cities just a week before I moved to Germany

Vimeo (unknown views)

2003 Mextoys-Interlude 2, Hochschule fuer Musik und Theater Hamburg, 4:3, Color, Stereo, Ca 5min.  A short Video-Interlude of Mextoys. Adult content.

Vimeo (unknown views)


2003 Mextoys-Interlude 1, Hochschule fuer Musik und Theater Hamburg, 4:3, Color, Stereo, Ca 5min. Adult content. Video-Interlude of Mextoys. 

Vimeo (unknown views)

2001 FILM, "La Pasión Según la Gente" Creative non fiction. Museo de la Ciudad de México, Mexico, Color, 4:3, Color, 18min.

A creative non-fiction based on the Via Crucis celebration in Ocotepec (Mexico) and the poetry of Gonzalo Rojas. I explore the relationship between the individual and collective discourses, the relevance of imagination in the anthropological fact and the popular anonymity.




"Die Trennen der Dinge", ensemble and video. Ca. 1:30", Video, 16:9, color, stereo.

Teaser and instructions for the musicians how to learn to cry. Autonome Musik 4, "Schaltungen", Kesselhaus Berlin. Ensemble Mosaik.

"The cry of Ernst Surberg",

Autonome Musik 4, "Schaltungen", Kesselhaus Berlin. Ensemble Mosaik.




"Tinga under a surveillance camera" Museo Universitario de Arte Contemporáneo, 3 min. 4:3, Color, mute.

"Tinga: A chicken's sense of fear" Museo Universitario de Arte Contemporáneo, 2 min. 4:3, Color, mute.  


Two of the several videos presented at the concert-performance with the Ensemble Generación Espontánea at the MUAC Museum, Mexico City, inspired on the life of a city chicken.


Top: Vimeo, unknown views

Bottom: Vimeo, unknown views