Carlos Sandoval is an internationally active composer, sound-, video- and ink-pen-drawing artist. He is best known for his creative work using different technologies-techniques with a gestalt approach. Michael Zwenzner describes him as a "socio-critical magician of multimedia-enhanced instrumental theatre". Cognitive theories of language as an object and theories about our inability to differentiate the external world from our own psyche currently exert a great influence on his work. "Sandovalís artistry is not just a visual or auditory experience but a soulful journey [...] Each piece, whether sound or video art, music composition or intricate drawings, reflects an artist who is as much a global citizen as he is a silent observer of the internal human odyssey". (Davood Khazaie). 

He is in general self-taught and has remained outside the circles of academia throughout his life.

Sandoval was Conlon Nancarrow's assistant. He has lived in Berlin since 2003 and acquired his second nationality (German) in 2009. His work has been requested or programmed by festivals such as Donaueschinger Musiktage (1992, 2015), Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival (2007) or Klangspuren Schwaz (2016). Recent commissions: NDR Das Neue Werk, ensemble mosaik, American Society, Siemens Stifftung, Grazer Kunstverein, Fundaciůn Alumnos 47, INM-Berlin, LIMINAR, ensemble Contrechamps, Vertixe Sonora ensemble and KlagWald-Klangplatz.




Photo: Sofia Torre